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Our Mission

Our mission is to market and provide quality niche products and to be responsive to customer wants and needs.

Our Products

  • Insulated Paper Hot Cups

  • Single Wall Paper Cups

  • Double Wall Paper Cups

  • 3 Wall Ripple Cups

  • Eco Friendly Cups

  • Custom Printed Cups

  • Soup Cups

  • Plastic Cups…and more!

Why Use KupsToGo?

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we work closely with our clients to deliver the best cup products for their business. Our state of the art technology and materials allow for the highest quality printing to give the ultimate brand identity for custom printed coffee cups.

…and our minimums for custom branding are half of what domestic manufacturer’s offer!

We Offer

  • Friendly customer service
  • Superior Branding Custom Cup graphics
  • Free proofs with camera ready artwork
  • Low minimums
  • Warehousing programs
people holding plain paper cups

George N Shlyapin

George has been in the distribution and marketing of specialty foodservice products for over 40 years. He’s owned and managed independent companies since the age of twenty one years old, and his experience flows through all facets of this industry – distribution-purchasing, sales, marketing and management. His specialty is sourcing new and innovative products and concepts and putting them to market.

Our Products and Service

Kupstogo LLC is in the business of supplying specialty packaging products to the foodservice industry. Our innovative insulated paper hot cups that do not need an added “java jacket” to insulate against heat from hot specialty beverages. Kupstogo cups are more comfortable to hold and there is no “slippage” of the sleeves when handling the cups. Kupstogo cups are made from FDA approved paperboard and are made with a high percentage of recycled raw material.

We focus on offering custom print programs at lower minimums for smaller and medium sized businesses which otherwise could not take advantage of custom branding. Our target is medium sized specialty coffee stores and coffee roasters.

Our minimums for custom branding are half of what domestic manufacturer’s offer!

Kupstogo offers four different styles of cups:

  • Straight ripple,
  • Wave ripple,
  • Double wall smooth which can be custom branded to customers specifications.

Kupstogo also offers a stock program of insulated paper hot cups in a natural kraft v straight ripple recyclable cup and a white v/straight ripple. The Kupstogo insulated paper hot cup has the insulating sleeve attached to the cup at the time of manufacture.

We go to café’s, coffee roasters, restaurants, bakeries as well as hotels and resorts introducing our product and offering custom print programs where the volume warrants. Where we have distribution in place we will pull these customers through our established distribution and will also consider customer suggestion on their preferred distributor.

Warehousing and logistics are in place for national distribution with direct delivery into Arizona and New Mexico.

Our distributors are quality veterans of the industry and deliver reliable products your business can count on.

Going to Market

We make it easier for our distributors here on the West Coast with a local warehouse in Phoenix, AZ. With a warehouse agreement in place Distributors are then able to will-call on an as needed basis, with the exception of custom orders which have a 10-12 week lead time.

Questions? Ready to Order?

We are here for you! We are happy to help you decide on what cup type is best for your business and we will help you through the process. 

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Kupstogo LLC

Single Wall Paper Cups, Double Wall Paper Cups, 3 Wall Ripple Cups, Eco Friendly Cup, Custom Printed Cup, Insulated Paper Hot Cups, Paper Hot Cups, and more!

For more information regarding our line of products, including customization, specifications, pricing, and more, please contact us.

We have a Warehouse Program! Contact us for more informaiton.